Monday, April 27, 2015

89 today!

My poppies appreciate the sun.

The skies are blue and gorgeous.

Poppies, why grow anything else?  They are the most cheerful flowers of all.

This sweet pea smells as nice as it looks.

Kit lounges in the bark.

Incredible columbine, this has grown up super fast.

Pussy willow, aka "Cousin Itt" is home to many families of birds. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Recent trip to Central Point, Oregon.

Here's a beautiful cloud photo courtesy of my wonderful husband!  

A few days ago it was sunny and warm!

Beautiful blue skies.

Gorgeous every direction!  

Iceplant is flowering.
The yellow iceplant is starting to flower also.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feels like summer!

Beautiful blue sky and nearly 80 degrees, who could ask for more!

My new rhubarb plants in the raised bed.  We got them at the local farmers market. They don't look like much now but in a few years they will be gorgeous!

Apple blossoms are still a delight.

Iceplant and calendula.

Hollyhocks are making enormous leaves!

My big old Kit boy turned 17 on April 6th.  I've had him since he was six days old.  He still loves a nap in the sun.

Happy Appleton loves to stretch out on the ancient picnic bench that we keep just for the cats. It is shredded nearly into a pile of splinters, but they just love it.

Spot's tail photobombing my purple flower photo, hilarious!

Lester on the rocks. He's wild and has hummingbirds on the brain.  Time to go inside.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

We're back!

Due to a power outage, Glendale Oregon Weather Station was down for days, yikes! Now, thanks to Adventures in Computing in Grants Pass, we're up and running again. 

Webcam snapshot from this afternoon, after a little rain.

The Glendale fire of 2013 as seen from our backyard.  As summer approaches, I worry once again.