Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October clouds

Our wind beaten pampas and bamboo under a varied sky.

 The weather station doesn't notice the five birds in the upper left of this photo.

Our beautiful hill is really the end of a long ridge stretching northward. I haven't been able to locate the name of this ridge on any topo maps or google maps.  Perhaps I will name it.

Our trip to Medford, about an hour away, 
yielded this incredible cloud viewing.

Love the quilty look of these clouds, and I especially 
loved the dazzling white sunlit tops on some of the clouds.  
This was a spectacular day!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Late October.

Our hill to the north, framed by two little apple trees, changing color.

 Looking west into the approaching rain clouds. Wind is whipping through, tattering the new pampas fronds.

Fir and big leaf maple battling it out for height in the far corner of our yard. A slow motion race I will follow for decades.

Wet air.

Weather station busy collecting rain and information. There is a bird on top of our redwood, barely visible.

Calendulas are the most cheerful flowers imaginable.  
They cheerfully pop up everywhere and keep going spring to winter!

Rain pounds the pond.

 Rainbow to the northeast, photos from our front yard.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The pond is full!

We've been collecting rain for our pond and now it is nearly full.  
We had .63" of rain since midnight and more coming.
The stake is a landing perch for dragonflies that frequent our pond.  They liked the shorter stick to the right, until we added the taller one, now the favorite.

Below:  bamboo, plum, cedar and apple trees.

More clouds arrive from the west.

Sun trying to peek through.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another pretty October day.

Interesting clouds coming in, maybe providing us with rain tonight.

The pampas grass looks nicer now that I removed the old fronds.  Everything looks nice under that bluest of blue sky!

The hill to the north.  Wish we knew the name for this little knoll, it is our closest forest.
Oooh and aaaah clouds!

Little red maple is really showing off.

Clouds moving in very fast.

Praying mantis eggs on our fence. I am happy they have provided us with many future mantises!  

Here's a goofy one, on a metal pole.  Will these hatch?  I'll be curious to see, seems like a bad place for them to me.

Pretty little Spot is in the cat coop watching me do yardwork. She's a lot of company!

Fall colors are starting.

Our maple just gets prettier every day. Spot contemplates the pond.
 These beautiful mammata clouds did not yield much rain, about 0.07" over the whole day.
 The weather instruments see it all.
 Love these Glendale clouds.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rain has arrived!

So far we've gotten 0.16" of rain, and the radar shows LOTS more is coming! 

This morning around 11:00 the sky was really pretty.

Clouds congregating on the hill to our north.

This little maple will provide us with afternoon shade some day.  For now, it's just pretty.

The "shade garden" is happy to be wet.  The little caged vine maple is gloriously golden.

Spot is learning to climb trees. Far above her are some hummingbirds. 
She's not so good at getting down, so we help her.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The sky in Glendale may be the prettiest in the world.

Morning clouds, ominous but dry.
 Beautiful Ocho loves rock sitting.

Gorgeous new fronds on pampas grass.  
 Lester contemplating no good.
 Four-o-clocks are in their glory in October.