Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Day in May

Beautiful miniature iceplant flourishes where nothing else will even grow. 

Little red dragonfly enjoys the pond. There are two red ones today, a green one and one of the huge black striped ones. The cats are really excited to see them.

All blue this morning.

The two red dragonflies have been playing musical chairs with this stick.

A little group of tadpoles and snails in the shallows of the pond.  Note the legs!

We were worried the herons were feasting on our tadpoles, but we seem to have plenty still, in the hundreds.  We tried bird netting over the pond but quickly removed it when we realized the dragonflies are hatching and could not get out!

 Pretty skies, 76 degree temperatures, and for a change, no mowers are running.  
Glendale is paradise for the moment.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Late May

 This interesting spring bug with impressive antennae 
throws a nice shadow on the window sill. 

Once again, incredible skies here. Below, a Glendale farm.

Looking east along the Umpqua River and bridge with ridiculous sky.

Looking west along Umpqua River.

Looking up into the hills along the river, with more pretty sky.

Along the Umpqua River
  Ducks and babies
This adorable little nutria was swimming among the ducks and geese, fearless of us talking on the bank.  We saw him with his mom and siblings a few weeks ago, he's growing fast and quite independent now!  Mom is still about three times his size.

Incredible sunset on our way home from Roseburg.

Friday, May 23, 2014

They didn't predict rain!

Today we have overcast and rain. Who knew? It was supposed to be 81 and sunny. Just goes to show,"meteorologists" don't know any more than the rest of us, and weather is still a guessing game!

Our little friend on his fave perch.

  Newly hatched dragonfly drying his wings on our fence.

He stayed on the fence a long time, then joined me 
in the back yard. 

Wild roses that the deer eat.

This was NOT predicted!  

Shade area by the redwood in our front yard. I love these surprise blue day lilies.

Pansies seem happy these days.

 Rain on pond and tadpoles.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May weather

Beautiful sky and weather station.
 Tenten enjoying the yard after rain.
First rose of the year, I call it the anniversary rose because it bloomed on our anniversary!
 Incredibly dramatic skies here.

A new dragonfly larva crawls out of the pond and begins shedding.
 Here, his wings are partly opened. I was too slow and missed his first flight.  Hope he will be back to see us! 
Helicopter and vast blue sky today.  The chopper noise reminded me of last years fires, we had planes going over all day as if it was a war zone.  In a way, it was.  
 You can't tell how windy it is from this photo but it is a barely pleasant 73 degrees with wind. Pretty though!

 This iris has struggled since we moved here, and finally it is blooming! Another nice flower surprise in this yard.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Drizzly Sunday

Well, the flowers like this weather, me not so much.  It's very much cooler today at 62 degrees and not summery like it has been. 
Below:  clouds forming in the west.

Puffy cauliflower clouds in the distance behind 
the hills northeast.

Most of the sky is obscured with rainy looking clouds.

Glendale's train yard and field, the lumber mill parks loaded rail cars here in the day, and moves them out every night. We cut through here on our daily walk to the post office.

Beautiful rose bush in full bloom out in front of abandoned old mill shack. It doesn't need no stinking humans.

Totally uncared for, never fed or even watered, 
this rose puts my spoiled roses to shame.

Incredible sky and hills above the dwarfed mill below. Once the lifeblood of Glendale, the two Swanson mills are still going. One mill processes logs, the other makes plywood.  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last sunny day for a while.

Tadpoles gang up on wheat bread and push it around the pond. Sometimes water skippers sit on top, getting a ride. 

Cute little fluffy clouds form over our local hilltop then glide away.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sunny Friday

Once again, the sky mimics ocean waves. 
Glendale is always dramatic.

White wispies coming in.

Apple tree against bluest of blue sky.

Toby and his big feet.