Thursday, December 5, 2013

Veddy code bordig. (Do, I dote hab a code id by dode, just frozed.)

Christmas cactus blooming early?  
Or Thanksgiving cactus blooming late? This is the question.

Too cold to go out this morning, so this photo was shot from kitchen window. Birds don't seem to mind 15 degrees but I do.

Neighbors roof starting to thaw. Pears ripening slowly. 
Spoiled indoor tropical plants.

 Spot is fearless, jumped out onto the ice first thing.

She heads for the far back area of the pond. 
More danger equals more fun.

Her feet are getting cold now.  Lester looks on knowingly.  
Mr Worldly already knew ice is cold.

Ten is also attempting icecapades. Note the funny white 
grains of ice on top of the clear ice. Odd.

Later in the morning, it turns into a gorgeous day. Someone is burning leaves, note the smoke at the bottom center. 

It doesn't look like 21 degrees but at this moment, it was.

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