Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A spring visit to the burned woods.

Sunday morning looked like this.

Monday, this!! 
We took a hike through the nearby woods that burned last summer.

The loggers are cleaning out the dead trees 
as fast as they can.

Ferns and others are quickly greening the ground.

Devastation and black poles are everywhere.

Poison oak (left) pretending to be Oregon Grape (right). 

Huge tree stumps with charcoal bark.

Bracken fern next to a totally burned tree.

After viewing the burn, we went further up Middle Creek to a refreshingly GREEN place. Below: large leaf maple.
Purple trillium, the only one we saw!
 Wildflowers everywhere!

 Middle Creek in the afternoon shade.

Fawn lilies with their interesting mottled leaves.

 Bright green vine maples!

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