Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday at Woodrat Mountain and Longsword Landing Zone

Saturday was gorgeous and so I spent the day 
working in the garden.

Many little snails and tadpoles are growing in the pond. 

Sunday we went to Woodrat Mountain and the skies were changing. A gorgeous day in the Applegate Valley. Not much wind, a few hang glider pilots flew off but others went home.

Longsword is a beautiful winery with grapes, a tasting room, and many really funny animals running around loose. It is also the landing zone for the pilots coming down from Woodrat. The patrons of the winery can sit out on a patio, sip wine and enjoy the scenery as the pilots descend, a good time is had by all. This chicken was hilarious in the color-coordinated planter.  

These personable sheep hang out by the tasting room, friendly until you bring out a camera. They acted as though I had a sheep killing machete in my hands, and they ran off to a safe distance, then this one turned around and glared. Goofballs.

Snow capped Mt. McLoughlin as seen from the top of Woodrat.

Back home, this morning I was delighted to have two big poppies!

All my freshly planted trees (this one is a beautybush which looks like a stick)are in cages to protect against deer.

The sun tried but never came out much today.

Elderberry in a temporary protective cage, it is getting a few leaves, and will soon need a much bigger cage.

This is my "sun garden," by the garbage can. This area gets the hottest of sun all summer, and buried drainage pipes keep me from digging it up to improve the soil. So I put
iceplant in the ground and heat loving sedums in hypertufa pots. 

Small rosemary plants in cages are also in the hot corridor, 
I hope they grow huge by the end of summer! This area is somewhat damper and we can not mow it due to the many frogs living there.

Front porch area is getting colorful. I am aware my garden is not technically weather, however it is the result of weather. Besides, I like taking pictures of plants as much as the sky.
 Five pansies and one coral bell plant.

Amazing what you find when you clear out huge mounds of dead weeds!  These guys rewarded me by flowering like crazy immediately after being uncovered.

This is a native big leaf maple in our front yard, just starting to leaf out.  It will be gorgeous and huge, a fast grower.

This little front yard fir got a bad sunburn last year, so this year we gave him a burlap shade to protect his new growth. 
Making a nice recovery.

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  1. Roberta I just love all these pictures, the plants look so good and the pictures are so clear. I see the mulch, we shall be getting some. What pretty colors you are already starting to get! These are fabulous !!!