Sunday, May 11, 2014

Big difference between yesterday and today.

Yesterday's skies were wet and stormy with sun breaks and then more rain. Absolutely gorgeous.
Below:  Tree punctures cloud.

When it looks like this below, do I work in the yard or go in 
and read a book? 

Decision made:  stay outside an take pictures of the dramatic sky.

A pretty little rainbow during a shower.

Yesterday's sunset was so bright and fiery, 
we were reminded of last summer's forest fires.

Then today, the sun came out and it's been warm and beautiful all day.  I love Glendale!  Blue sky....
Purple sky...

And the hard working Davis weather station, 
taking it all in 24-7.


Weird white cloud.

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  1. These are spectacular! The colors etc, super lovely, i think they just get better and better if that is possible. !!