Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cooler and not much sun

Strawberries are happy in their raised bed.

This oxalis was a little wilty yesterday at 98 degrees, 
today it has sprung back.

Calendulas sprout up all over the rocks every year, in some places I doubt there's any soil, they don't seem to care.

Lester shreds a picnic bench.

Lester saunters across the yard.

Spot follows Toby and hangs out with him.

Birds making lots of noise.

Tenkit in deep weeds, loving it.

Spot on the patio. She's getting ready to race across the yard.

Tiny daisy looks gigantic next to the little pink flower with an even tinier bug on it. 

Lester and Toby hanging out in the tall weeds together.

Strange sky today of a nondescript color and texture.  
Blah describes it best, I suppose.

Spot going for gourmet water but can no longer 
fit her head in there.

Some of these have orange centers, others brown.  All are wonderfully cheerful!

Happy Appleton at the pond, soaking up a little sun on a warm rock.

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