Friday, June 20, 2014

What can you do with an 88 degree day?

Today we went fishing. Actually, my husband went fishing and I went exploring. It was warm and beautiful.

Below: the sky, the dam and the water.

Clear pretty water. This area is fly fishing only, 
all catch and release. 

Happy daisies are everywhere.
The sky was incredible today.

These geese stayed on their individual rocks all day.

I can always see all kinds of creatures 
in these fleeting cloud formations. I call them banshee skies. 
The long lasting effects of Disney.

I followed this little butterfly all the way down a trail, until he landed and I nabbed this photo.

Is there a brighter pink than these sweet peas?

One tiny little wild rose in a jumble of growth.

Quintessential peace and serenity here.

Water coming directly out of the dam. It's bone numbingly cold.

I brought this bouquet of goose feathers home to the kitties.

This daisy covered island is another Canada goose hangout, I counted five out there today.


  1. Oh these really feel like summer, love them all!!

  2. Beautiful photos and insights. Your husband is a lucky man!
    Your Husband