Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fire season starts

Firefighters in Merlin are practicing their techniques with the helicopter and bucket.

The skies have been really pretty the last few days!

Star Trek landing pod (assemble the away team!) works hard, I love this sophisticated little module full of great weather tracking equipment.  Why is this fun?  I don't know, it just is.

This big bunch of cotton balls in the sky yielded about four drops of warm rain.  Really four.

Today is much different, though the temperatures are about the same, in the nineties.

Mighty hunter Lester goes after a grasshopper.  This is his favorite snack.  Note the dry grass. Most people here can not afford to water lawns, the cost is prohibitive. We'd all like to water, after last year's fires so close. A green lawn here is a sign of real affluence. (Or a broken hydrant.)


  1. lets hope the firefighters only have to practice this entire year, no real fires please !!!

  2. Ha ha, in some towns driving a Ferrari or Lambo is a sign of wealth. In your town it's having a green lawn!