Saturday, August 30, 2014

Clouds and creatures.

Yesterday's sky was gorgeous and constantly changing.

Mostly blue though.

Yesterday afternoon we had a tan praying mantis on our fence.

Here's her handy work.  Yay, more next year.  
They are a lot of company out in the garden and fun to watch.

Most of them are green, this one is fence colored.

Always photogenic, Happy Appleton enjoys lounging on the deck.

Today's sky is very different.  I wish these clouds would bring rain, but I doubt it.  

The pond is totally dried up now and the pond plants are too.  
Here's how it looked before I cleaned it up a bit.

And after.  Now we are ready for rain and frogs!

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  1. Love the praying mantis, is that his pod??? we too have a pretty blue sky, but the forecast is calling for fog starting tomorrow. happy Kitty birthday today, !!!! Beautiful sky and detail in the pics, love them.