Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yesterday blue, today smoke. Bummer.

Saturday August 2.  Hot and humid 93.5 degrees.

Beautiful day but muggy, 93 felt like 100!

Moisture in the sky is visible in these thin white clouds.

Today has a whole different look.  We awoke to yellowish light, always a clue it is going to be smoky. It's only 79 at noon, the smoke is preventing the sun from reaching us.

Ewwww!!!  This is just too reminiscent of last years fires. Over 100 lightning caused fires two nights ago in this area. The smoke in Southern Oregon in summer is unavoidable it seems. 

This is the setting for the sound of spotter planes going overhead, looking for fires.

Glendale looks like Tolkien's Mordor. Dark apple branches against the smoky sky, the sun glowing red. Ominous indeed. So far, the fires are not close to us.

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