Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another pretty October day.

Interesting clouds coming in, maybe providing us with rain tonight.

The pampas grass looks nicer now that I removed the old fronds.  Everything looks nice under that bluest of blue sky!

The hill to the north.  Wish we knew the name for this little knoll, it is our closest forest.
Oooh and aaaah clouds!

Little red maple is really showing off.

Clouds moving in very fast.

Praying mantis eggs on our fence. I am happy they have provided us with many future mantises!  

Here's a goofy one, on a metal pole.  Will these hatch?  I'll be curious to see, seems like a bad place for them to me.

Pretty little Spot is in the cat coop watching me do yardwork. She's a lot of company!

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  1. Wow these are so great. Oh Spot is gorgeous and i love the sky and praying manits eggs! weird but very cool. These are such clear and great pictures, bravo !!!!