Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beach Trip

It seems a shame to leave home when it's this pretty a day!

Half blue, half clouds.

Cape Blanco lighthouse with a rare blue sky background.

Salal grows wonderfully at the coast, flowering in November.

Below:  a variety of pretty shots from my hike on the bluffs.

A rare blue sky at the Oregon coast.

Nice easy trail.

This beautiful trail was heaven to walk on, soft squishy grass for half a mile.

More little wonders in November.

This guy was the only visible life form on the huge beach north of the Blanco lighthouse.

Huge waves breaking over rocks held my attention for a long long time.  I could watch that all day.

Classic pretty sunset.

Pastel sky and a whale looking rock.

Time to go home.  It's getting cold now.

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