Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st.


More clouds.....

Toby walking on the newly green grass. 
Two weeks ago this was brown straw! Lester and Happy in background.

Gratuitous Lester picture.

Clouds over the unnamed hill.

Happy Appleton by the pond.

Spot chews on pampas grass and makes a face.

 Hard working weather station faces monumental clouds.

A blue hole opens up in the clouds.

 Ocho and reflections.

Kit on the green grass, averting his eyes from the camera as usual.

Spot under the little apple tree.

Tricky deftly climbs on the rocks.

Oh yes these did make rain.


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  1. Oh these are so fabulous, some of my favs. I love seeing all the beautiful cats. Guess Ginger Ann has the same figure as your Happy and Tricky, haha. Love round cats. The sky again is amazing too. Love all these so much !!!