Thursday, December 18, 2014


Trusty weather station and the darkening sky.

  1. Pretty sky layers and sun.

 Dollar Mountain to our north, below a pretty blue sky.

Our year round hummer on his favorite trumpet vine branch.

Spot and Toby playing leopards.

The beautiful pampas fronds are beaten and brown 
after the rains and wind.
 Toby on the scratching bench.

Toby pondering life.

The view from a local mountain top.

Mammata clouds raining in the distance, around dusk.

Toby scratching the heck out of the bench.

Grey grey grey sky.

The silly calendula just keeps blooming!

The two fluffy girls Spot and Ethyl, 
hanging out together being pretty.

Ocho is pretty too.

Oh yes. She is gorgeous in fact!

Tricky is growing a few white whiskers just to be different.  
She used to be our 100% black kitty.

Toby is shredding like a mountain lion grrrrr.  He's so tough!

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  1. Oh i just love all these. What fabulous looking cats, each and everyone one of them. great skys too, love the mountain shot, way cool. these are so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!