Friday, February 6, 2015

3.66 inches of rain so far today!

So far, we've had over 3 1/2 inches of rain! 
Pretty amazing.  

Below: pond in the rain.  Standing water everywhere in the yard too.

Spot loves watching the rain.

 This high tech instrument shows if it is raining, at a glance. A dish and a rock, very effective.

Rain gauge is working hard today.  The neighbors rain gutter is clogged and flooding our yard. 

Water is standing everywhere, new lakes are being formed today.

Cow Creek is very very high. Most of the time, you have to climb down about ten feet to reach it.  Today, it came to me.

Cow Creek still barely within it's banks.

Swirling eddies around submerged trees.

Kids sliding on boogie boards in the city park.  A few inches of standing water makes for lots of slippery fun!

It's not very cold out so the kids are just having a blast.

Just amazing.

Turbulence makes a pretty art photo.

Today, Section Creek is chocolate milk.

Certainly hope the rain subsides before this covers the road.

Alongside Tunnel Road.

Tunnel road, looking west.

Tunnel road looking southwest, toward the mill.

There's just a lot of water everywhere!

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  1. Amazing pics, wow that is a lot of water !! great job as always weather blogger photographer writer !!