Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're having one beautiful February!

Wildflowers are popping up even at higher elevations.

One of my Rosemary plants has gone crazy with pale blue flowers.

Daffodils are back.

The pussy willow (aka Cousin Itt) is covered with buds and birds.

This primrose pops back up every year, under Cousin Itt.

Our little pond is incredibly beautiful. There are already water skippers and snails.


Frog eggs are attached to plants in the pond, two clusters visible here.

Ocho enjoys the warm sun.

Toby makes a BIG shadow! Happy is impressed.

Fir trees and blue sky.

I became intrigued by these silly bent tree tops.

Lots of color in the woods these days.

And in San Francisco today, the sun was out and the turtles loved it!  Photo thanks to my photographer friend Susie.

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  1. Oh Roberta these are all just wonderful. Thanks for including the turtles. I love the plants and tree tops and especially love the cats. They are all so gorgeous and healthy looking! Great bunch of pics !!!!