Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day of the Clouds

Art in the sky.

A view of Mt. McLoughlin from my hike on a beautiful trail down Woodrat Mountain.

Giant tree with ferns and moss beneath.  What a great trail!  I liked it less going back up. Steep!

I am a sucker for moss on rocks, always beautiful.

I also have a fondness for these holes in trees.  Some little creatures home, no doubt.

Today was a parade of incredible clouds marching across the sky. The word stupendous comes to mind.

Newton, Einstein and Hawking, three very smart sheep that patrol the Longsword Winery.

Two of the scholars, obviously contemplating dark matter.

Einstein conferring with rooster.

Woodrat Mountain, local hang gliding site. Longsword Winery is a great landing zone.

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  1. These are beyond gorgeous, just marvelous everyone one of them. Love the sky, what is the large mountain with snow on it? Love the sheep and the rooster too! Fabulous work !!!!