Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

 At home: apple blossoms and blue sky

Ocho loves sun.

A trip to the Oregon Coast.

 Dramatic weather.


Big cloud wall coming in.

As it got greyer and darker out at sea, it remained blue to the east. Pretty bridge holds Highway 101.

Little white flowers hang over a steep cliffside.

Ladybug on pretty red grass.

Dramatic skies and warm temperatures make for an incredible day at the coast.

Cloud shadow.

As the tide came in, the sea covered the beach.

Gigantic leaves of cow parsnips with little white and blue wildflowers peeking out behind.

Beautiful new fern.

Sparkling waves.

The view from up on a cliff.

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  1. These last few days of March are spectacular! Love the cats in their outdoor space, like you posed them in a row! The ocean looks so powerful. These are just marvelous, love seeing everyone of them !!!