Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rainy weekend was pretty.

Geese at Cow Creek.

Beautiful streaky skies. Note the sundog (parhelion) way off to the right of the sun.

Armageddon clouds....

Toby and green.

This weed is a very beautiful specimen of its type and so I can not bring myself to pull it.

Toby has a very regal walk, and a commanding presence.

Happy Appleton, always looks photogenic against green background.

Intrepid weather station braves all weather that comes.

Moss.  So Oregon.

Pretty little wildflowers in the rainy woods today.

The dark sky took away all the color today, the trees just look black. The deep dark woods were wet and smelled incredible. I thought of bears.

Five wild turkeys.

This stupendous maple tree has ferns and moss growing all over it!  

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  1. Wow great collection of photos. the moss is amazing, love the kitties. guess ginger ann and happy are relatives, haha. Love the ones of toby too. great colors of plants, and yes the weed is a perfect specimen for sure. you are the best !!!! love all these !!!