Friday, March 20, 2015

Equinox today!

My wonderful husband caught these views on the weather cam. 
Beautiful pale rainbow at dusk yesterday.

Glorious apple blossoms this morning. Note the sky texture.

 Noonish today, I caught Spot by the pond.

Apple blossoms against pale sky.

Pretty against green also.

The three troublemakers, Lester, Spot and Toby. We moved the canoe and they are very interested in the area.

Spot sees birds. Time to take kitties inside 
for canned food. They can spend the rest of the day outdoors 
in the cat coop, watching but not catching birds.

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  1. These are so fun, love the trouble makers and the apple blossoms, great pic Rodger got too. cannot get enough of Spots eyes, amazing, love all these !!