Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stormy cloudy smoky loud day!

It sounds like a war zone out there today with the helicopters taking care of the Peavine Fire nearby. No word yet on the cause of this smoky mess.  
Below, my own peavines, not on fire. they smell heavenly!

Bees galore, well maybe not today. It's well known they don't like smoke, makes them sleepy in fact.

Trusty weather station hard at work in all weather.

Amazing clouds all day today above our roof.

Even the poppies aren't so bright during this period of overcast.


Armageddon for sure.

The little rhubarb starts from the farmer's market are taking off!  We noticed the new leaves are getting eaten, so I gave them my garlic-soap spray concoction, that usually stops the bugs. 

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  1. Great shots, love them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!