Friday, July 31, 2015

Fire ends summer.

My wonderful husband took this beautiful photo of the behemoth smoke-cloud. 

I took this around the same time.  This is the last blue sky we will see for a while.

I gotta admit, fires make for incredible sunsets.  Not worth it at all though.

This morning around 11:00 am in downtown Glendale.

 Horrible smoke hovering everywhere.

These two don't seem to notice the smoke, however.  Cute little guys!

100 degrees and yet I can not really even see the sun.

Around noon taken from my back yard.  It looks like an apocalypse, and really, it is.


  1. these are wonderful pictures, but the lovely sky as you say is certainly not worth a fire, and the smoke filled ones are horrific, sorry! good skies to capture it !!

  2. thanks for putting my name, you are a clever lady !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!