Monday, December 14, 2015


Lots of little birds in our backyard, keeping the cats totally entertained.  

Dollar Mountain barely visible today.

The sky really is white.

Trusty weather station braves the snow.

Fat snowflakes falling.

 Backyard is a winter wonderland.

An odd angle view of the pond, bamboo and pampas grass.  Looks pretty bedraggled.

Every window is like a big screen tv for kitties, the birds are cavorting nonstop out there in the snow.


  1. The birds told me to thank you for the goodies, and ask you where's that "global warming" they keep promising us? They're getting tired of having to fly south every year.

  2. These are spectacular, guess i am not the only blogger you have, cool !!! Oh my it looks cold. I love the birdies so !! wonderful pictures as usual ..