Sunday, May 18, 2014

Drizzly Sunday

Well, the flowers like this weather, me not so much.  It's very much cooler today at 62 degrees and not summery like it has been. 
Below:  clouds forming in the west.

Puffy cauliflower clouds in the distance behind 
the hills northeast.

Most of the sky is obscured with rainy looking clouds.

Glendale's train yard and field, the lumber mill parks loaded rail cars here in the day, and moves them out every night. We cut through here on our daily walk to the post office.

Beautiful rose bush in full bloom out in front of abandoned old mill shack. It doesn't need no stinking humans.

Totally uncared for, never fed or even watered, 
this rose puts my spoiled roses to shame.

Incredible sky and hills above the dwarfed mill below. Once the lifeblood of Glendale, the two Swanson mills are still going. One mill processes logs, the other makes plywood.  

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