Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May weather

Beautiful sky and weather station.
 Tenten enjoying the yard after rain.
First rose of the year, I call it the anniversary rose because it bloomed on our anniversary!
 Incredibly dramatic skies here.

A new dragonfly larva crawls out of the pond and begins shedding.
 Here, his wings are partly opened. I was too slow and missed his first flight.  Hope he will be back to see us! 
Helicopter and vast blue sky today.  The chopper noise reminded me of last years fires, we had planes going over all day as if it was a war zone.  In a way, it was.  
 You can't tell how windy it is from this photo but it is a barely pleasant 73 degrees with wind. Pretty though!

 This iris has struggled since we moved here, and finally it is blooming! Another nice flower surprise in this yard.

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