Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Day in May

Beautiful miniature iceplant flourishes where nothing else will even grow. 

Little red dragonfly enjoys the pond. There are two red ones today, a green one and one of the huge black striped ones. The cats are really excited to see them.

All blue this morning.

The two red dragonflies have been playing musical chairs with this stick.

A little group of tadpoles and snails in the shallows of the pond.  Note the legs!

We were worried the herons were feasting on our tadpoles, but we seem to have plenty still, in the hundreds.  We tried bird netting over the pond but quickly removed it when we realized the dragonflies are hatching and could not get out!

 Pretty skies, 76 degree temperatures, and for a change, no mowers are running.  
Glendale is paradise for the moment.

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  1. Wow look at the almost frogs, too cool. Love the dragon flies too. Gee your pictures are amazing and i love them all.