Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Late May

 This interesting spring bug with impressive antennae 
throws a nice shadow on the window sill. 

Once again, incredible skies here. Below, a Glendale farm.

Looking east along the Umpqua River and bridge with ridiculous sky.

Looking west along Umpqua River.

Looking up into the hills along the river, with more pretty sky.

Along the Umpqua River
  Ducks and babies
This adorable little nutria was swimming among the ducks and geese, fearless of us talking on the bank.  We saw him with his mom and siblings a few weeks ago, he's growing fast and quite independent now!  Mom is still about three times his size.

Incredible sunset on our way home from Roseburg.

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  1. these are totally amazing pictures, some of your best. The spider shadow, the nutria, wow do we have these down here? i am not familiar with them but very cute. the ducks the skies, just fabulous!!!