Friday, August 8, 2014

A gorgeous 86 degree day in Glendale.

Today was just picture perfect and not too hot, no smoke in the air and temperatures good for anything you might want to do. 
Below:  Tricky is a puma awaiting her prey.

Ok now Tricky is a silly nut rolling in the dry grass.

This looks like smoke coming up from the lower left, but it is just mill steam. At least that is what they would say.

We decided to grab a picnic and head for the woods on such a nice day.  We went to our local Cow Creek. This huge old cedar has been hit by lightning but is alive and strong.

Love the old trees!

Gigantic rock formation across the creek, looks like a seated creature.  I see a face, big Jay Leno chin.  

Leaning tree may fall this winter.

Cool artsy fern shadow on a rock.

One of my favorite little forest plants, Vanilla Leaf.  It is mixed in with blackberries and others.  Poison oak was everywhere today also, and already turning to fall colors.

Another favorite, the beautiful maidenhair fern.  This photo thanks to my excellent photographer husband!

A disheveled looking monster tree.

I love the short shadow of this big tree.

What an incredible mix of beautiful trees here, cedars and firs, a few pines and alders.

A gorgeous spot to picnic right at the trailhead!

The skies were as incredible as the trees!

Beautiful Glendale skies.

Hardworking weather instruments against the incredible cloud backdrop.

Sweet peas!

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