Sunday, August 10, 2014

Smoke has arrived from the south and it doesn't smell good.

It is 102.2 degrees out at 5:00 pm and this smoky layer is most unwelcome. It's being carried here from the fires to the south east.

A few hours ago, the kitties romped in the clear air in the back yard.  Here's Ocho looking overly furry for the climate.

Gladiolas popped up in my tomato bed, I forgot they were there. 

A gorgeous jungle!  
These grape tomatoes are super delicious and very prolific. 

Gardener's reward, a sun warmed snack!

Ethyl is digging in the dry grass, maybe for a grasshopper. Water is too expensive to keep lawns green here. Thunder storms with lightning are predicted for the next few days and this whole town is tinder dry. Scary!

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