Sunday, August 17, 2014

A pretty day to drive over Tiller-Trail Highway.

The highway had very little traffic today which was great for stopping to get photos of vistas like this!

I love fir trees.  Close ones, far ones, just the prettiest trees in the world.

Blue skies for soaring.

These big thunderheads are pretty far to the east of us, probably over Crater Lake area.

They are quite ominous and they grew very fast as we watched!

Fir trees and a madrone.

This little creek was very low and barely moving.  Note the pile of debris and branches deposited by the current, back when there was rushing water here.  It's an amazingly dry year.

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  1. When i look at all these i feel like i can feel the warmth, good for me as i am in life feeling the fog, thanks and again super great job!!! love them all!!