Monday, August 25, 2014


Blue skies and a few trumpet vine flowers. The hummingbirds love them.

Up Windy Creek Road you can find some incredible little Forest Service roads leading to hilltops and vistas!

Smokey haze filled the skies to the north and west today.

We stopped at Windy Creek County Wayside and had a picnic.  The vine maples are gorgeous and we plan to come back here in fall to see the colors.

Tall trees and a sweet little creek run through the wayside.  It would make a wonderful park if it were maintained.  It needs litter cleanup and a few picnic tables and it would be fantastic!
Photo credit for this pretty forest and sun shot:  my wonderful husband.

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  1. Your pictures always make me feel like i have been in the woods, i so love them all. Gee wish i could transport myself for a hike with you guys. these are very lovely as usual !!!!