Monday, September 29, 2014

A trip to Orick

I didn't know where Orick was but my husband wanted to go there. On our way, we stopped at Crescent City for a picnic with a few of our friends. That's them on the pier. They like cheetos.

Near the marina is Ocean World, a very nice aquarium. Below is their geriatric 35 year old Harbor Seal.

Adorable sea lion is so smart and athletic. All these guys look like they are having a blast doing the tricks.

A beautiful ray.

A sturgeon.

Leopard shark.

The aquarium has petting pools, not just for kids!  It was amazing to pet the leopard shark, and the shark seemed to enjoy it too, coming back for more like a cat.

The old girl napping like all old people.

When we came out of the aquarium, one of the aforementioned cheeto eaters from the pier had bestowed a little thank you gift.

We looked up and there he was.  We laughed and laughed. 

The pampas grass has run amok here along the northern California coast.  It's stunning on the tall hillsides. I will remember the trip to Orick as the "pampas trip." Orick is on Hwy 101 just north of Trinidad.

More Cheeto eaters. The weather was incredible the whole day, look at that sky!!  

We saw a wild elk herd browsing at an RV park on the way, we had to stop.  I have never gotten so close to an elk, these guys seem very accustomed to people.  

Elk can't read.

Finally, after some searching and many distractions on the way, we find the lovely beach and bluffs. 

Glorious sky above blue ocean.

A lagoon that looks perfect for our canoe.  Next trip!

Our walk along the bluffs included this road which is mostly eroded away.

Yikes!  We walked far to the right and very carefully.

I call it Pampas Avenue.

 Higher and higher above the beach, the cliffs go from about 15 feet tall to a few hundred!

 The cliffs look deceptively small in photos. 

For scale, note that those are people down in the lower left area.

We hurried to get back over Pampas Avenue before dark, treacherous as it is.

 Going...... going.......


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  1. Oh wow Roberta those pics are totally spectacular. Your commentary is most wonderful too. I so love the pic of the elk looking at you with the red house in the background. The colors and shadows are so crystal clear. All the pics are like a little trip for me. Aren't the elk wonderful creatures! The cliffs are really deceptive, i would not have know how high they are if you had not pointed out the people you can hardly see. Love all these!!