Friday, September 26, 2014

After the big rain.

The skies got very strange after the rain and by evening there was a yellow glow to the light coming in the windows, quite eerie.

If there was ever any doubt, here's proof Glendale has THE most beautiful skies. I promise these are just as the camera took them, I did not enhance or change their appearance.

I saw the interesting color and stopped cooking dinner and ran outside to take photos.  

What doesn't show up in the photos is the yellow tinge to the light that came in all the windows.  All the camera caught was the purple and pink.

Not a tornado, just a neato cloud.

This morning, all the strangeness had passed.  White fluffies and bright blue surround the weather station.

The first new pampas grass plume is emerging.

Back to normal.

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  1. Love the September pic and the lavender sky, fabulous !!!