Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ahhhh sunny September.

Beautiful hot and clear, no smoke!

The late summer flowers are giving us a good show.

 I wish this was scratch and sniff so you could smell this little sweet pea, heavenly!

Calendula and ice plant are both happy in the hottest part of the yard.  

The sunflowers are late to bloom this year and small.

Another pretty sunny day.

On our way down I-5 we saw this fire develop near Redding. It made a long brown cloud across the sky. Glendalites (Glendalians?) can sympathize. 

 Castle Crags photo taken through the windshield.

Black Butte looks like you could run up it in a half hour and have a blast scree jumping all the way down. 

Photo bomb:  pine tree jumped in front of Mt. Shasta. This is what I get for taking pictures from a moving car.

Here's a better one, showing no snow.

Shasta looks smaller without snow, but still it's quite a sizeable rock.

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