Monday, September 15, 2014

Onion Mountain Fire smoke reaches Glendale.

A few days ago, wispy cloud formations.

Pretty blue with the seven foot tall flowers.

Oh my goodness, smoke moved in fast!

Flowers and rain gauge under the smoke sky.

Smoke moving to the north.

Ok this is as bad as it gets. Our cars are covered with ash.

Gladiolas don't mind smoke.

We can see blue sky, but it is in the far distance.

Ugh, it looks like Tolkien's "Mordor," all death and destruction.  It smells as bad as it looks.

Thank goodness for cheerful flowers that bloom no matter what!

Sunflower along the hot side of the house, it's very happy there!

This is very reminiscent of last summer's fires, which came too close to Glendale. 

The red sun makes eerie lighting everywhere you go, 
indoors and out.

The cats are skeptical of the odd light coming in through the French doors.  They choose to nap elsewhere.

As the sun goes down over the hills, the sky looks ominous.

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