Monday, May 25, 2015

A pretty day in May

Gorgeous clouds over Dollar Mountain.

 I love this big roll cloud to the north.  

Trusty weather station records all.

Blossoms coming soon, these are now well over 5' tall!

This rhody has been transplanted twice, we brought it from our old house, it was on a hillside and then again when it was getting too much sun.  Last year it didn't bloom, so this year is a thrill!

Alaskan nasturtiums, one of my favorites.  So cheerful!

May is rose time in Glendale, the whole town is gorgeous with them.

The pond has a zillion tadpoles, water skippers, boatmen, little water snails and today, our first red dragonfly!  No photo of him, he caught me by surprise!

Some of these guys are so fat they are just round, like tiny blimps.

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  1. Wow the color of the flowers is just amazing, love them all. The tadpoles are so darn cute, they are little blimps, cannot wait for the transformation, hope one stays still enough for a good picture, these are great !!!