Friday, May 29, 2015

Yesterday at Silver Falls.

There are ten falls along an 8 mile loop, we only got to the first two.  

Note the ant-like people behind the falls, it's a wonderful experience!  This is South Falls, the biggest and first one.

Maidenhair ferns are everywhere, it's a lush paradise along those trails. 

Looking down at the trail below. Swordferns are as tall as me!

The second falls is more intimate, you can walk behind it also, much closer to the falling water.

My photographer husband took all these gorgeous shots, I managed to forget my camera that day. 

We plan to return to Silver Falls and do the whole loop when we have more time, it is an incredible place.

Today at home, it feels like something is going to happen.

Webcam snapshot this evening, I am often amazed how much the sky looks like the ocean, just upside down.

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  1. Great Job Rodger, wonderful pictures, wish i was there right now !!!!